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5 quick email copywriting tips for engaging content

4 min read
Creating an effective text to engage your subscribers could be an overwhelming and frustrating task for most marketers. Someone can spend hours thinking of the perfect subject lines, pre-header, body, and call to action. These essential parts of the email copy can influence your open rates and click-through rates significantly. Some marketers think that their subscriber's list is the most valuable asset.
If done right, emails can become the bread and butter of your company.
You can hire a copywriter to handle your email campaigns or learn email copywriting skills yourself. Anyways, you need to know the fundamental rules to recognize good and bad examples of the texts.
If you are far away from the copywriting art and don't have such a specialist in your company – read the tips below to write an influential text for your email campaign.

Know whom you are talking to

You can spend hours editing text, and it could be brilliant but still useless in terms of conversions and purchases. To avoid this, you need to add one simple step to your writing routine – describe the audience you address to.
Decide on the purpose of your campaign and choose the best segments for this. Describe the segments, their pains, interests, requests, think of their lifestyle context. And then come up with the first draft.
Now put yourself in the subscriber's shoes who will receive your email, and think if your subject line hooks you? Do you want to open this email? Are the products inside relevant? Is your CTA clear enough?
Take a look at your email from the target segment perspective, and you will understand how to make it better. And do" forget to use our tips below to achieve better results and conversions

Subject lines should be short and catchy

The subject line is the first thing your potential reader sees. Apart from the carefully chosen words, you need to consider one more important thing – the subject line length.
The shorter – the better! According to the research of Retention Science, 6-10 words is the bliss point, and going even shorter is better.
The number of words is not a guarantee of successful email or high open rates. But it gives you a straightforward metric to begin with. Start testing around the 1-10 word range and see how it affects email response.

Match the body copy with the subject line

Email copy can be splitted into three parts:
  • The subject line
  • The body copy
  • The call to action (CTA)
All these parts need to be consistent and don't mix ideas. Aligning your subject line, body copy, and call to action can build trust between subscribers and your Fashion brand. Users that have clicked on your email wanted to read more about what the subject line was talking about.
It means you can't bring the irrelevant content to your body copy. It will disappoint your subscribers and most likely they will unsubscribe or redirect your email to the spam folder.
When you have already built trust you can start experimenting with tricks, jokes, and mismatches in subject lines and body copy. But before that be sure you have a pretty high open rate.

Motivate to act without pushing for a sale

Email copywriting is all about writing a short email where each sentence has earned its place and supports the CTA of the email. However, many marketers forget a way to sell without making every sentence a sales pitch. Here comes the storytelling!
Since the dawn of time, humans have used storytelling to build communications and tell about what happened. And all of us love stories because we can better imagine the context and act if the story is relevant. Moreover, it adds a human touch and reveals emotions.
You can use storytelling in your emails, making the content of your emails the value and your CTA the "second" value that logically comes within the story you tell.

Use power words when possible

Speaking of aligning emotion, not all words are created equal when it comes to marketing and persuasion.
Some words can reveal strong emotions and significantly affect our mental and emotional state. You can influence the audience by using powerful words in your email copywriting. It also motivates to respond or take action.
Alongside power words, it is essential to consider spam words as "Prize," "Free," "Problem," or "Success" in your email.
One of the best ways to avoid the spam folder is sending worthwhile emails and maintaining good email marketing practices.

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