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Create amazing emails for fashion brands easily

4 min read
Whenever you need to create a new email campaign you can spend hours working on the structure, design and content. What if we tell you that with Markeaze, you can shorten the time for email design to several minutes? Sounds too good to be true, right?
In this article, we will reveal the main features of our email constructor that will allow you to create appealing and conversational emails in a fraction of the time. Our simple yet powerful editor allows you to build emails on your own, without hiring designers, copywriters, or developers!

Collection of Fashion templates

Our experienced team has created a set of ready-to-use templates for Fashion brands that will save you lots of time and allow you to reach your business goals.
With our templates, any growth-oriented e-store can raise CTR, return more abandoned carts, engage subscribers, increase the number of purchases and income.
In-builts template gallery now features 100+ templates and is constantly expanding with captivating new ones. We cover the most popular topics and optimize them to stay ahead of the latest email marketing trends. They’re fully responsive, so they look great on any device, even in Dark Mode. You can easily adapt any template to your needs and easily change content and blocks structure.

Drag&Drop it

You don't need any coding or design skills to start working with Markeaze. We made it pretty easy for everyone to choose the layout, blocks, images, fonts, and everything else you need to build the newsletters that feature your products. Markeaze allows you to create an email 2.5 times faster than other available editors.
We have vast experience in Fashion eCommerce and our pre-built blocks perfectly match the needs of Fashion brands' emails. Delight your audience with responsive design, video, social media, in-built menu, and much more – without the hassle of coding.

Mobile-Friendly emails

Recent statistics show that 62% of email campaigns are being opened on mobile devices, compared to 10% on desktop. It means that your emails must look great on any device whether it's a smartphone or tablet.
Markeaze seamlessly optimizes your emails for mobile devices to ensure no broken layouts, no font explosions, or muddled imagery. Moreover, our service enables customization of separate design elements for desktop and mobile devices. Check the layouts preview by switching from desktop view to mobile with one click.

Dark Mode optimized campaigns

Apple added Dark Mode to Apple Mail on desktop, following it up with iOS the following year. Other email giants have followed in their footsteps. More and more users are switching to this calming view of the dark screen. In addition, Dark Mode is supposed to help people who have a sensitivity to light or are prone to migraines
In emails, Dark Mode applies more contrasting shades of colors than those used in the original format you sent them in. The dark theme may also invert black to white and vice versa.
With this in mind, we should pay more attention to the proper colors and background usage of the design.
Good news for you here: Markeaze is the first email editor with Dark Mode support and email optimization. Turn Dark Mode from a nuisance to Another way to Stand out from your Competitors!

Countdown Timer

To boost your conversions we've added a special block – a countdown timer. So that you could encourage your subscribers to buy now and raise the number of purchases.
This tool works best for new collection launches, limited offers, discounts, or giveaways. Don't forget that creating a sense of urgency provides higher chances to stimulate sales.
This effect could be explained by FOMO – “Fear Of Missing Out”, when people are afraid to be excluded from what is going on around them. Being “late to the game” triggers your prospective customers. When seeing a ticking countdown, many customers will be afraid of running out of time and missing out on a great deal. This will inspire them to make impulse shopping decisions.

Custom email templates

If you need templates that fit your unique needs you can start with a blank canvas and create your tailor-made templates.
We’ve already created the blocks for you: header, text, image, video, menu, countdown timer, footer and many more. Play with them to build that perfect email of your dream. Choose any blocks you need and add content directly to the layout. You can change fonts and background colors. Preview your email and change it again if needed.
You can insert images, videos and control the settings like the elements width, alignment, responsiveness, and style. Customize your design and layout like a pro!

Reusable content library

Once you've created the customized template you can save it to a folder in your account and re-use it when needed. The same applies to any of your design elements: save sections with content to your personal library and use them anytime. It will speed up your email creation process in the future and make all your campaigns consistent and recognizable

Export anywhere

Once your amazing email is ready, you can export it for free to any popular ESP. Export as many templates as you need for free. No limitations at all.

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