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Fashion email copywriting: best practices

3 min read
The fashion industry is crowded with small, medium, and enterprise eCommerce brands that fight for the customers' attention every day. As on the battlefield, you need to think strategically and learn from others to apply those concepts and ideas in your email marketing.
We've already revealed quick tips on crafting an email copy, and in this article, we will give you best practices and the Fashion brand's email campaign cases. You can be inspired by these examples and use them as a reference for your next campaign.

Stay on brand

When you create a copy for an email, you have to remember that the person opening it will interact with your fashion brand. This communication needs to be meaningful and your brand has to be recognizable. This means it must be written in your brand's voice and follow your brand guidelines.
If your brand's voice is formal, your emails should be clear and professional. If your brand's voice is casual or informal, it's possible to add a joke or a pun. Here's a great example from Madewell.
Madewell’s brand perfectly used this small trick to play with their customers. The pun with "seams'' highlights the vibe and spirit of the Madewell’s as well as catching the attention.

Let the visuals support your copy

Don't think just about the texts when planning the email copy. Try to make a zoom-out and make all the content ingredients work for you.
Have a look at the Net-a-porter newsletter – they use a perfect mix of catchy pictures, graphic elements, strong lines, and bright colors. It gives a striking effect and makes every email consistent and well organized.
Pay attention to these arrows, placed within the copy, they help to guide the reader and highlight necessary lines.

Help subscribers to understand the value

Fashion brands succeed because they are able to create aspirational value through their communications. You can have an amazing product or the whole collection, but that certainly doesn't mean someone will go crazy for it. Effective copy needs to accompany the product to maximize sales.
Let's have a look at the Salvatore Ferragamo case, have a closer look at the words they use. There are words like elegance and versatility, saying that their footwear looks classy and can be worn in different ways.
Bags paragraph contains the phrase: luxury shapes with an urban and youthful appeal. Ideal for traveling but also for everyday life. This phrase explains that bags have a modern and young connotation but still stay luxury and high-end.

You don't need to say a lot

Try to use words that just strengthen your message and help to deliver it to your audience in the best way possible. Try to avoid phrases that describe abstract things, stay сoncrete and precise with the words written.
For instance, the email from Chaco brand is made from minimum words with a focus on eye-catching pictures and evolved emotions

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