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How to plan your fashion brand Email marketing strategy

4 min read
Whether you have an online clothing brand or footwear retail business, fashion email marketing is the one thing that will help you thrive! But why does email marketing matter, and what steps do you need to take to make it work for your fashion business?
First off, data has shown that consumers are influenced by eCommerce emails (59%), with half of them converting! Moreover, sending emails is also personalized and accessible, meaning that your potential customers will receive targeted messages directly into their inboxes.
With these in mind, today, we’ll help you build an effective email marketing strategy for your fashion business, see some benefits, and whether your industry affects your email messages or not.

How to implement a fashion email marketing strategy for your business

From selecting an eCommerce-friendly email service to crafting your campaigns, here’s all you need to build your first fashion email strategy:

Select An Ecommerce-Oriented Email Service Provider

While there are many ESPs out there, to create a successful email strategy, you need a tool that will be the right fit for your fashion brand. Whether you run a fashion eCommerce business or a retail store, choosing software with advanced capabilities is necessary. But how do you make the right choice, and what should your ESP have?

The answer is the available functionality and features of your platform. For example, choosing a B2B-oriented tool with very complicated functions might not be ideal for B2C businesses. For your fashion brand, you need an eCommerce-friendly email marketing software to help you capture, nurture, and convert your audience. In short, here’s what you need:

  • Advanced email editor: Create converting campaigns without having any technical skills. Add GIFs, countdown timers, and dynamic content to increase your click-through and conversion rate.
  • Newsletter signup forms: Power up your email list building efforts with popup forms.
  • Segmentation and personalization: Group your subscribers into similar segments to improve the customer experience.
  • SMTP Server: Set up all the transactional emails a fashion eCommerce business needs in simple steps.
  • Responsive newsletter templates: Pick and customize various pre-made newsletter designs to save time.
  • Marketing automation: Set up automated workflows for your target audience to streamline your marketing efforts.
  • Advanced tracking and reporting: Monitor the performance of your campaigns to optimize your strategy.

If you want an eCommerce-oriented ESP to get started, you can give Markeaze a try and leverage all the available tools to create and automate your eCommerce email marketing campaigns.

Build your fashion email list

It’s a no-brainer that without an email list, you can’t start targeting your audience with email campaigns. If you’ve already built one, you need to expand it and maintain good email list hygiene. You can use various email validation tools to check your new subscribers. This will increase your email deliverability, i.e., the process of landing a campaign into your subscribers’ inbox and minimize spam.

Now, if you’re taking your first steps into list building, creating a subscriber base isn’t such a difficult task. All you need is your website, an online form builder, and a great incentive!

If we were to summarize the best tactics to create a converting popup, it would take more than a single section. Nevertheless, keep in mind that your visitor needs to see the immediate value of joining your list to hand you their email address. For fashion brands, incentives like discounts, coupons, freebies, or free shipping can work miracles!

Leverage your platform’s segmentation features

As mentioned above, segmentation is a process that will allow you to divide your new subscribers into smaller groups based on various criteria. The most common segments are based on demographics, psychographics, location, and so on.

Now, to get started with segmentation, you will need an easy-to-use email list management software like Moosend or HubSpot to create custom fields (tags). This way, you can filter your contacts more easily and target them with personalized content!
But how exactly will you capture all the info you need to group your audience? Well, you can either do it during newsletter signup or after with a survey email campaign!
In the above form, the fashion business has the opportunity to collect the new subscriber’s full name, date of birth, and country. This information will, later on, help Claire’s segment the new customer and allow them to:
  • Personalize their subject lines and email copy
  • Target them with a special offer during their birthday
  • Deliver location-specific content
Before you set up your form, keep in mind that adding many fields may discourage your visitors. Creating personalized content is a must for modern marketing as your customers now expect better experiences tailored to their needs, not one-size-fits-all messages!

Create Intriguing fashion email designs

Now that your list building is in motion, let’s move to the next step: your fashion email campaigns!
Again, when it comes to newsletter creation, there are two paths to follow, you will either craft your messages from scratch or pick and customize a newsletter template.
While many marketing tips will tell you not to go for a template, picking a beautiful ready-made newsletter design will save you time and effort, acting as a blueprint for your emails. To avoid sending generic messages, make sure to customize them to fit your branding, adding your brand colors, images, and copy!
Using a template can save you a lot of time on basic design - you don't have to put together the email grid yourself, from header to footer. So when choosing a platform, make sure you have access to templates and that their designs are varied.
You can easily start your fashion email marketing journey with Markeaze by signing up for an account!

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