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HTML Emails With Zero Coding: Myth or Reality?

3 min read
We know why you’re here. You need a solution for all your HTML problems. You need to focus on creating beautiful and engaging emails without worrying about code optimization. Actually, you don’t want to interact with code at all. But is it even possible?

No more code

Few things induce as much frustration as hundreds of people receiving something completely different from what you designed because your HTML skills failed you. Poor HTML can ruin your emails in many different ways. Imagine the sales and campaign results. It’s a catastrophe.
And now imagine that you can avoid this situation forever. You can create any design you want, and nothing will ever fall apart. Would you want to find a way to achieve it?.
Well, look no further, as the question we asked in the headline has already been answered. Yes, it is a reality. You can craft HTML emails with zero coding.

Introducing Markeaze.

No broken emails with no sweat broken

We already know how much trouble bad HTML brings. You probably had that experience once or twice. All that trouble can go away without any effort: you can keep creating great emails, and Markeaze will make sure nothing goes wrong.

Email width

Naturally, you want text and pictures where they’re supposed to be. It may seem tricky at first, considering how many devices are now on the market, but it isn’t. There’s a certain range of width settings that allows your emails to be shown the same on all the different devices. Markeaze will help you pick the optimal width, and automatically optimize your emails for both desktop and mobile devices.

Color pallet

The dark theme can play with your design and nerves, by making everything more contrasting and reverting black to white and vice versa. Markeaze’s algorithms adjust the color pallet and shades so that your emails don’t become… weird in dark mode.
But that’s not all: you can even create them in dark mode from the beginning. It will now become your ally instead of an enemy.


There are so many email clients out there, and they render a bit differently. And your cool zigzag design with showcased items and descriptions would look much worse if spacing and placement get broken. From now on, it’s not your job to ensure that your layouts don’t fall apart in any email clients. Markeaze will do it for you.

Code issues

Even professional programmers can struggle when coding. Little bugs and mistakes always find their way into the code, and it can be so frustrating to find and eliminate them.
But you won’t notice any issues. You won’t even see the code if you don’t want to. Let the Markeaze do its thing, and enjoy perfectly working HTML. Or forget about it at all.
You can keep creating great emails, and Markeaze will make sure nothing goes wrong

No money lost

That’s all great. But that still costs money, right? It will take ages to prove to your superiors that Markeaze is worth spending the budget on.
Great news: you don’t even have to pay for all these functions. Markeaze puts together a fully optimized HTML code that you can then export for free.
Yes, you read it right. You can create and export as many HTML emails as you want. We don’t charge for it. Try Markeaze and forget about your troubles with HTML: they’ll never bother you again.

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