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HTML: How to Ruin Your Emails

3 min read
We know why you’re here. You need a solution for all your HTML problems. You need to focus on creating beautiful and engaging emails without worrying about code optimization. Actually, you don’t want to interact with code at all. But is it even possible?

Do you know this feeling?

Few things induce as much frustration as hundreds of people receiving something completely different from what you designed because your HTML skills failed you. Poor HTML can ruin your emails in many different ways. Imagine the sales and campaign results. It’s a catastrophe.
But then you realize there’s a lot of HTML code involved here. Like, A LOT. And you’re not a programmer or a designer. What can go wrong, you ask? Let us tell you
Coding HTML emails is similar to coding HTML websites but in the prehistoric age. If you’re not good at it, it can damage your sanity. Spending all the time in the world trying to figure out why the pictures look like a mess on mobile or why the dark theme turns your email from beauty to beast is no fun.
Not only it’s no fun, but it’s also a catastrophe. When the audience receives broken emails, the entire campaign’s ruined, and the sales plummet.

So ideally, you need to either learn HTML yourself or have it done by anything that’s not you.

What goes wrong?

Email width

Different devices have different parameters. While that seems obvious, way too many people fail to consider it with their emails. Your design may look great on a desktop, but on a smartphone, it can fall apart. Not fitting on the page is one thing; sometimes the content will just slide from one line to another, making a complete mess.

Color pallet

As we know, dark mode is prevalent these days. It’s used in apps, browsers, email clients. Dark mode usually makes the colors and shades more contrasted; it can also revert black to white and vice versa. Without proper HTML and optimization for dark mode, it can butcher your design so bad you won’t be able to recognize it.


The issue here is the same as with width. Email clients don’t show emails the same way, so they have to be optimized to work the same. You want to be sure that no matter what email clients your subscribers use, the email will look the same way. Even the slightest shift can ruin the layout you worked so hard on, and there goes that stylish zigzag.

Code issues

If we were to make a full list of things that can go wrong because of a misplaced or unfinished piece of code, it would be huge. Even professional programmers can struggle with their code, and you’re not one of them. You just want your emails to work as intended. And you definitely don’t want some code junk getting in the way.

In search of a solution

What do you even do with all this? The amount of nuisance is overwhelming. And, once again, you’re not exactly a tech person. Is there a simple way to get a clean HTML code for your emails without dealing with HTML?
If your company doesn’t have specialists that can do HTML and won’t buy special software, you have three options:
Learn HTML yourself. It requires a lot of time and effort and isn’t exactly your line of work.
Resort to plain text emails. Those are old-school and provide only a fracture of HTML email opportunitie
Find a way to outsource it. Outsourcing to a human costs money, and so does buying special programs.
Learning HTML may prove useful if you want to code, but not so much if you want to be a marketing specialist. Using plain text emails is some people’s style… But it doesn’t suit the fashion industry in the slightest.
Outsourcing seems like the best option. But what if the company doesn’t provide you with the budget for it?

In search of a solution

You might want to try a program that can do it all. It’s called Markeaze, and it takes care of all things HTML. All you need to do is craft emails with a simple and intuitive Drag&Drop system. Markeaze will automatically turn your designs into HTML code that is perfectly optimized for various devices, email clients, and dark mode.
That’s not even the main feature of Markeaze. It has everything you need to create and launch the most beautiful email campaigns while spending as little time as possible.

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