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The pitfalls of fashion email designs

3 min read
Fashion is one of the most unpredictable and competitive industries. Fashion eCommerce is no different. Here, it’s crucial to make your emails visually appealing and creative. But this can be incredibly tough when you’re not a designer

We know this situation

Let us guess: you have an upcoming sale or new collection arrival and you need to get the word out. You have to launch an email campaign, but the time is limited. You need to come up with a beautiful design for the emails that won’t take too much time. Otherwise, the sales can turn out disappointing, let alone the campaign results.
But for a marketer, there’s quite a lot that can go wrong when designing an email. Let’s outline the issues you can encounter and their consequences

Lack of design skills

When you don’t have a company designer, you’re limited in options. You likely lack the necessary skills for creating a truly outstanding design. Your emails end up looking just like your competitors’ and get lost. They don’t represent the brand - they’re just another offer in the bunch
A customer’s inbox is always overflowing with dozens of identical emails from multiple brands. If yours don’t stand out, their chances of converting someone are too low. But it’s hard to create something beautiful and unique without design skills.

Finding a good reference

One of the best ways to quickly come up with a good design is by searching for references. This is when a new problem reveals itself. The fashion market is overflowing with brands, and hundreds of your competitors use the same old techniques. When you try to learn from them, you may become just the same

It’s hard to differentiate between what’s worth being a reference and what’s going to turn your email into yet another of those clones. There are a lot of references out there, but most of them make identical mistakes that you can accidentally copy.

No time to learn

You’re a fashion marketer. You’re busy as it is, and there’s a lot you need to take care of. While studying design may seem like a good investment, taking courses or educating yourself is time-consuming. And it’s not like you have a lot of free time at work: while studying, you risk missing something important.

It’s a lose-lose situation: either you sacrifice some time to study design and your quality of work decreases, or you keep things the way they are, but your design issues stay as well. Unless you find a different solution, that is.

Designers are busy

Even if your company has a designer, they’re likely overflowing with tasks. Sometimes they’re so busy with the company website that they have no time for designing the emails. And we’re back to square one: you have to do it yourself. The designer is working on the website, and you’re putting together emails. In the end, the two have nothing in common.

Different colors, fonts, and styles confuse new subscribers. They don’t recognize your brand through emails because of the mismatched design. So you have to spend the budget on targeted ads to get them back, even though you already have their addresses.

Photo: SHVETS production

Is there a solution?

These are only a few issues that you can encounter when trying to work out an email design. Each of them is frustrating by itself, but frustration is not the only threat. As we stated before, design is crucial for succeeding in fashion marketing. All of these issues are blocking your path to creating truly beautiful and outstanding emails - and with that, achieving your marketing goals.
Campaigns, sales, and, consequently, your career depend on the quality of your emails massively. It’s not all that grim, though. Even if you’re not a professional designer and don’t have one at hand, you still can build fantastic designs for your emails. And this is not an empty promise: we can tell you, how to do it.

Want to escape all this trouble and become a master of fashion emails?

Most of our clients are Fashion eCommerce brands and we collect their best practises and conversion campaigns. We want to share some templates that will inspire you to create your beautiful and engaging emails. Register and try them for free.

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