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Ultimate guide to fashion email design

5 min read
Fashion is one of the most unpredictable and competitive industries, and fashion eCommerce is no different either. In order to maximize the effectiveness of your email marketing, you need more than a logical structure and engaging content. You also need a great design-as beautiful email inspires your subscribers, evolves their emotions and motivates them to take action.
You need to think of the email design and template to reach the business goals and make your customers happy
With more than 70% of businesses using emails, it’s more important than ever to make your emails visually-appealing and creative.
We’ve put together useful tips that every ecommerce fashion marketer needs to be aware of. Don't miss out inspiring templates for the Fashion industry – at the very end of this article.

Issues you could face while drafting an email

Let us guess: you probably have an upcoming sale or new collection arrival and you need to get the word out. Whatever reason you have to talk to your customers, emails are one of the best ways to share the news.
Fashion brands often use this marketing channel to reach out to the consumers, upsell them and remind about the abandoned carts. But what does it mean to an Email marketing specialist? It means you need to think of the email design and template to reach the business goals and make your customers happy.

Overall email creation time

Being an Email marketing specialist means spending a lot of time working both on the templates and the email design- especially if you don't have an effective tool or program that automates this routine task for you. Hours spent on the email design could easily be used for strategic planning, analytics or campaigns overview.

Dependance on graphic designers

As a Marketer you can think of very creative ideas for email campaigns. The problems start when you need to make them live and represented with proper design. You must spend time deciding which fonts to use, where to find good pictures, proper colors, structure and nice background. And you often spend time on design specs and feedback and then if anything changes (oh, no!) you need to wait for the designer to implement the changes. It's a vicious circle for each small brand.

Low templates adaptivity

And even if you are already happy with your template and the designer made all the changes, you cannot be sure that the email design will not break in different browsers or email clients. While this problem seems slight at first, it could lead to a loss of customers and money.

How to design an email for a Fashion brand?

Good email design plays a crucial role in Fashion eCommerce. Visuals are core elements of your email, use catchy images of your items, it will help your email to come out great. Yet don't forget to think of the other aspects like the layout, colors, call-to-actions. Let’s look at some of the aspects that make a good email design.

Template width

Before you start designing your email, you need to be sure about the email width. The recommended width for emails is between 550 to 600px – to ensure your subscribers don’t have to struggle with a two-way scroll.

When preparing an email with a standard width of 600px, do not forget about Hi-Res displays and when choosing images for the layout, keep in mind that the size of the images should be at least twice as large as the space provided for it in the layout.

Template type

There are three common ways of showcasing your content in email design:
Inverted pyramid – this design usually starts with a stunning picture and a hook like discount or special offer. Then you put additional details and a strong CTA. Make sure the email is short and vivid.
Single column – organize your information and visuals in one column, put blocks one under another. It is easy on the eyes and helps to navigate the email.
Zigzag – best design to guide the reader through the “story” of your email. Section the email into smaller chunks of content and shift focus using the images or color. You will most probably motivate the action if you put a subscriber into the fashion context of your items with this zigzag design.

Don't be boring

You only have seconds to grab the attention of your subscriber. Therefore, you must make sure your content is interesting enough to lead them until the end of the email. Choose high-resolution images or designs, GIFs and visual hooks to make it more appealing.

3 trending ingredients of a well-designed email

Optimization for the Dark Mode

Dark Mode or Dark Theme is now active both on desktop and mobile devices.

Dark Mode applies more contrast shades of colors than those used in your emails when showing them. The dark theme may also invert black to white and vice versa.

To avoid confusions with email adaptivity choose the colors and images carefully. Try to avoid graphics or elements that are only black or white. Add a colorful stroke or light shade and try to use transparent backgrounds for the logos.


Your email should have an eye-catching image that makes readers want to dive deeper. One of the best places to find photos that help with branding will be on your social media or websites.

Some brands use collages to place a few photos and short lines on one screen to make the email shorter. Once you are ready to try it, make sure all your images and graphic elements are compatible and are made in one style.


Research shows that more than 70% of people read their emails using an app on their phone. So, it’s important to make sure your emails not only look beautiful on the desktop but are also mobile optimized. That means that none of the content is cut off, all of the images are loading and your text is readable.
And if you've never tried ro make Mobile First templates instead of desktop – we definitely recommend you to try. The result will surprise you!
70% of people read their emails
using an app on their phone.

Get inspiration from our Fashion templates collection

Most of our clients are Fashion eCommerce brands and we collect their best practises and conversion campaigns. We want to share some templates that will inspire you to create your beautiful and engaging emails.

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