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The All-in-One Email Design Solution for Today's Busy Professionals

Effortlessly create visually stunning, responsive emails that drive engagement and conversions. Time-saving, impactful campaigns at your fingertips.
Image Building Block
Design emails
Drag-and-Drop Builder
Design email masterpieces by simply dragging and dropping elements onto the canvas with the Drag-and-Drop Builder. No coding required!
Mobile Responsiveness
Dark Theme Support
Offer a visually appealing alternative and reduce eye strain with the option for dark-themed emails. Captivate your recipients with a modern touch.
Cohesive Branding Tools
Ensure your emails look perfect on desktop, mobile, and tablets with Responsive Design Tools. Change every element for the mobile version or leave it as it is – it will look amazing anyway.
Utilize Cohesive Design Tools, including a Branding section and Saved components. Maintain brand consistency and wow your audience with personalized campaigns.
Customization Options
AMP Support
Personalize colors, fonts, images, and layouts using Customization Options. Make every email uniquely yours, reflecting your brand's identity.
Design email masterpieces by simply dragging and dropping elements onto the canvas with the Drag-and-Drop Builder. No coding required!
Automate routine work
AI Image Generation
Experience the magic of AI Image Generation. Analyze content, keywords, and preferences to automatically create visuals that perfectly match your email's context and message.
AI Text Generation
Leverage AI-powered text generation to create captivating email content. Get suggestions, personalized subject lines, and industry-relevant recommendations. Save time while crafting impactful copy.
AI Template Generation
Let AI do the heavy lifting. Generate email templates based on your preferences, industry trends, and best practices. Choose from a variety of professionally crafted layouts and jumpstart your design process.
Build emails faster
Template Library
Access a wide range of customizable email templates, tailored to different industries, campaigns, and design preferences. Save valuable time and effort by starting with professionally designed templates as the foundation for your emails.
Monetize Your Creativity in the Template Marketplace. Showcase your design skills and let businesses and marketers benefit from a diverse collection of professionally crafted templates. It's a win-win opportunity to connect, collaborate, and elevate your email campaigns together. Join the marketplace now and unlock new possibilities!
Template Marketplace
Test emails
Real-Time Preview and Testing
Eliminate surprises and spot issues before sending with the Preview and Testing feature. See how your emails appear on different clients, devices, and screen sizes to ensure flawless delivery.
Share your email designs effortlessly using web-based Preview Links. Collaborate with stakeholders, clients, or team members, even if they don't have platform access. Simplify the approval process and enhance teamwork.
Sharing Preview Links
Discuss the process
Easy Commenting Functionality
Provide feedback and approvals directly on specific elements or sections of an email design. Improve collaboration efficiency and maintain transparency during the design process.
Workspace Management with Enhanced Collaboration Empower seamless collaboration with advanced Workspace Management. Transfer assets, templates, and designs between workspaces for streamlined workflows and consistent branding across projects. Enjoy real-time co-editing with your teammates.
Workspace Management with Enhanced Collaboration
Integration & Export
Seamless Integration with ESPs
Seamlessly sync your designs with popular Email Service Providers (ESPs). Automate email sending, leverage advanced marketing features, and manage campaigns effortlessly with smooth integration.
Generate clean and optimized HTML code for email designs that render perfectly across all clients and devices. Boost deliverability and user satisfaction.
Clean Email Code
  • Oluwo Mumini Dayo
    Salesgeek Agency
    I’ve enjoyed working on this platform and appreciate that it’s free. If you are looking for the best marketing solution, I suggest you go for Markeaze.

  • Diana U
    Marketing Manager
    User-friendly and intuitive email software with a simple, clutter-free interface. You can seamlessly build your own emails or go for one of their numerous customizable templates.
  • Sarah Johnson
    E-commerce Business Owner
    Markeaze has made managing my email campaigns a breeze. As someone with no prior marketing experience, I was surprised by how user-friendly it is. Our email engagement has skyrocketed!
Free email templates
Explore our wide range of stunning email templates, thoughtfully designed to suit various themes and industries. Take a look at some of our available templates, categorized by themes:
Seasonal Delights
E-commerce Excellence
Festive Holiday Offers
Fashion Lookbook Showcase
Spring Sale Extravaganza
Summer Adventure Specials
Auto Emails for E-commerce
Tech Gadgets Galore
Abandoned Cart Reminder
Home Decor Inspiration
Business Boosters
Order Confirmation
Professional Service Promotions
Special Offers
Corporate Event Invitations
Product Recommendations
Client Appreciation Newsletter
Customer Feedback
Designed for large enterprises and agencies with heavy email marketing needs, offering unlimited resources and enhanced productivity.
Perfect for growing businesses and marketing teams that need more flexibility and advanced features to create impactful campaigns.
Ideal for individual freelancers and small businesses looking to get started with professional email designs at no cost.
Pricing Overview
Choose the plan that best fits your needs and unlock the full potential of our email design platform.
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Upgrade anytime to access even more features and take your email marketing to new heights.
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