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Markeaze Method

Markeaze is built on the idea of a personal approach to email marketing. We believe the key to a client’s soul lies in attempting to discover it, and we help marketers worldwidearound the world in doing so world in doing so.

We are committed to focus on enhancing all aspectsevery aspect of the clients’ experience. Learn how we do it — and how you can do the same.

Our approach

We value our clients — and we know you value yours as well. That’s why we emphasize the importance of taking a personal approach. A personal approach increases engagement and conversion by establishinghelps build trust and providingprovide relevant information and offers., hence increasing engagement and conversion. We treat each audience segment individuallyseparately and encourage you to do the same by providing all the necessary tools.
The three crucial steps of our approach:
Markeaze provides advanced reports and analytics on both audiences and campaigns.

These insights allow for highly-efficient dynamic and static audience segmentation and content adjustment.

You can customize and personalize content to be relevant for all of the different people in your audience based on the data and segments.

All of this adds up to combined results in better conversion and engagement rates. Personalization is key — but you can’t just grab it off the shelf. This is where we come in you — Markeaze provides you the ladder.
With Markeaze, you can personalize almost everything in your email marketing, from follow-ups to special offers and birthday letters. Building content around your subscribers’ data will significantly improve your engagement rates and overall performance dramatically.

Let’s set up

We’ve compiled a short list of tasks for you to complete during your first-time launch. Some are mandatory, while others are more or less optional — but once completed, you will be ready to work with Markeaze.

Add contact properties — optional

Contact properties allow you to conveniently store additional information about your subscribers, such as their address, gender, age, etc. If the default properties are not enough for you, you can always add custom ones and use them to segment the audience however you want. You can only do it before or after importing new contacts but not during the process.

Add subscription lists — optional

Subscription lists serve as a legal foundation for legally mandated email communications. Creating different subscription lists allows your contacts to manage their email preferences while also benefiting you — rather than completely unsubscribing; they can choose which lists to remain in. They can, for example, unsubscribe from your newsletters while still receiving special offers.

Import your contact base — necessary

To start sending out campaigns, you need to import your contact base into Markeaze. We ensured that it could be done in a few clicks to save you time. The platform accepts .CSV files and loads them up automatically. You’ll have to select the contact properties you wish to retain in Markeaze — you might want to add custom ones if you haven’t already.

Segment your audience — necessary

Without audience segmentation, a marketing strategy is incomplete without audience segmentation. In Markeaze, you can segment your subscribers in two ways: dynamically (using contact properties and other data that can change over time) or statically (using tags that can only be changed manually). Segments will help you target the right people with the right content and maximize engagement.

Set up a master template — optional

Making a master template is a fantastic way to save yourself a lot of time and hassle in the future. A master template helps you promptly create any email type while maintaining the brand style and visual structure. If you want to learn more about master templates, feel free to read this article.

Add and verify a domain name — necessary

Finally, you won’t be able to send emails without a domain name. Markeaze makes it simple to add and verify one — just follow our guide, and you’ll be up and running in no time. Don’t forget to test sending and receiving emails with this domain name before launching a new campaign — it might not go well.

The tools for greatness

Audience segments are a crucial aspect of online marketing. In the perfect world, you can disperse your attention between all the segments; in the real world, however, you have to pick a few and focus on each one separately.
With each campaign, your goal is to select a target segment and analyze its performance over a set period. The analytical dashboard is your best friend in the quest to understand and work with a segment.
To assess the data you collect and make the right conclusions, keep an eye out for the key metrics of your campaigns. Some of them are absolutely essential (OR, CTR, ER, etc.), but it doesn’t mean all the others can be overlooked. Markeaze provides you with all the analytics you need — and the tools to bump up the numbers and improve your and your audience’s performance.


Use customer data to make your marketing feel more personal. Customize your message for multiple audiences with dynamic drag-and-drop content blocks. Drive engagement and build loyalty, improve your rates, and achieve higher performance.

Mobile Optimization

Approximately two-thirds of emails are opened on mobile devices. It means that creating great email designs for PC is insufficient and has been for some time. You can’t afford to lose such a huge proportion of your audience due to poor mobile optimization, so responsive or mobile-first designs are the only option.

Dark mode

The dark mode is a trend that’s here to stay, and it’s obvious at this point. It’s winning over the hearts and minds of people all around the globe — and you should utilize it to do the same. Create separate dark-mode versions of your emails and customize them to fit the brand perfectly.

Dynamic segmentation

Dynamic segmentation allows for simple and efficient contact sorting. By selecting the desired property values, you’re selecting all the contacts that fall into the category — and no matter what changes in these contacts’ info later, they will be automatically regrouped correctly. The same applies to new contacts: if they fall into the segment’s criteria, they will be added, too.

Test emails

Since different ESPs and email clients tend to render and display emails differently, it’s essential to send test emails before the campaign starts. This will allow you to make the necessary adjustments if, for example, something in good old Outlook appears to be broken.

A/B testing

Each time you compose an email, you may wonder whether your content is presented in the best way for your audience. How do you determine the most effective CTA or subject line? Use an A/B testing campaign to see how these variations perform and impact your results. Then, you will choose the better option and increase the conversion rates for the main campaign.

The perfect outcome

A successful email campaign significantly increases the conversion rate and engagement of subscribers. This is the straightforward response to a more complex question: what is the perfect outcome for a marketer?
Markeaze is committed to providing more than that over the long term. If we think of each launched campaign as a smaller part of the big plan, we have to highlight these three main factors of success:
  • Increasing the brand’s total revenue
  • Gaining a sustainable competitive advantage
  • Decreasing working time losses
Let's dissect each one and identify how they connect with the primary focus of Markeaze.
Any business strives for constant growth of its revenue. The primary tools for influencing revenue through email marketing are segmentation and engagement. The more relevant, personalized, and valuable the content is, the more users will convert to customers and pay for your services or products. Markeaze provides you with everything you need for this.
Gaining a competitive advantage is difficult, especially in the highly competitive fashion industry. Building trusting relationships with your customers by — again! — providing relevant and personalized content in your campaigns is a great way to achieve this goal. The best form of advantage for any brand is the loyalty of its audience. Markeaze makes sure you achieve it.
Time is money. The more time losses you can cut, the more time and effort you can put into advancing your marketing strategy and generating revenue in new ways. The best way to accomplish this is to automate as many aspects of your work as possible. And in order to keep your automation running smoothly, you must collect and correctly analyze data. Markeaze sorts you out with both automation features and advanced analytics.

Take action

All these steps, tasks, and features are crucial for successful email marketing. And on each and every step, Markeaze provides you with all you need. Advanced data and reports allow for proper audience segmentation, which in turn helps to personalize your content to be relevant to your clients. At each step, we support you with a plethora of essential and additional tools to perfect your campaigns.
Put Markeaze in your corner of the ring, and it’ll become the best partner in marketing you could’ve ever wished for. We’ll select the appropriate keys to your audience’s souls together. We know that you care about your clients, and we understand. So we will take care of you.