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Change the way your email looks: breaking down strategies from the top stores

5 min read
Email marketing is a key component of nurturing new sales leads. It is a method that enables you to communicate with your prospects on a more personal level using pertinent content.
According to a survey from Salesforce, 49% of marketers believe that email has a direct correlation with the success of their company operations. The Direct Marketing Association also reported that email marketing for businesses in the United States yields a 4,300% return on investment.
So how exactly you can leverage the full potential of different email marketing strategies and be on top of your business area? Let’s dig this topic up!

Can you relate to this case?

We’ve asked a number of our close collaborators about different life scenarios when they couldn’t exactly improve their email campaigns. Here’s what kind of circumstances all of them have in common.
Whenever an email marketer wants to significantly improve their current email strategy, they stumble across these thoughts or even occurrences. For starters, noone records the results of the new hypotheses or they try to. But at some point, they are faced with the technical issues that astray them from an objective analysis of the results. In most cases, marketers stick to the good-old "winning strategy". Furthermore, sometimes they just don’t have enough time for testing.
To solve this unbreakable problem, you need to analyze your competitors and dive into their concrete email examples.

Success stories of email campaigns from the top US firms

The Clymb fresh content
The Clymb is an online fitness and adventure company that offers discounted outdoor gear brands. They supply equipment for numerous outdoor activities, including skating, surfing, camping, climbing, and fishing.
Sending tailored content to certain consumer segments is one of the simplest methods to ensure that your readers find your content valuable. The Clymb possessed a plenty of client data, but it was not being utilized effectively.
According to Marketing Sherpa, The Clymb sought to determine how to send the correct information to the right individuals, ensure that the recipients actually read their e-mails, and excite them sufficiently so that they desired to get such communications.
The Clymb's e-mail newsletter consists of newly published website content. They used to send the same email blast to their entire subscriber list every day. To increase interaction, they choose to tailor their emails based on specific client information.
They Clymb faced a dilemma that is very common among blogs that have been around for a while: they had a ton of valuable and fascinating information on their site, but people had to look for it to find it.
The Clymb enhanced the website's tagging system to track the activity of both existing and new subscribers. This helped them understand how to market existing material to their members more effectively.
Next, they modified their email templates depending on the obtained data. For example, each of their e-mails previously consisted of tiles containing the latest men's and women's apparel.
Zurb loyal subscribers
ZURB is a Silicon Valley-based product design company that serves a broad community of aspiring and professional designers, as well as corporate CEOs. They focus on giving valuable, informative content about design via email to educate their users.

According to Daniel Codella, Marketer, ZURB publishes a variety of newsletters for various products and business groups. When he first heard about email automation, he shuddered, assuming it would be complicated. "Eventually, I plunged in, and I found it to be quite user-friendly," he said. "After designing our automated welcome email, I pondered, 'Is that it?' It was so simple."

ZURB implemented automated welcome letters so that when a fan subscribed to the newsletter, they received a personalized email. ZURB iterated on these emails and obtained excellent results. The open and click-through rates for welcome emails have increased to between 70-75% and 40-45%.
What you can learn from ZURB is that email marketing and automation are simple to deploy regardless of your technical expertise. Your subscribers will be more engaged and invested in your emails if you welcome them promptly. You may quickly test the waters of marketing automation by automating something small, such as a welcome email, which can result in substantial results.
Spotify enters the stage
Who does not enjoy receiving emails from Spotify? This music streaming application creates unforgettable listening experiences by assembling playlists based on your listening history and preferences. Their emails take customization to an all new level, including producing playlists for you and your pets to enjoy. Who believes that? In addition, they always have adorable photos, vibrant colors, and basic writing with a call to action.
Spotify enters the stage
Uber provides an easy option for consumers to obtain on-demand transportation from a range of global locations.
Some businesses employ hyper-targeted personalisation to increase their click-through and open rates. Uber and other companies employ design. This Uber promotional email advertises their new promotion for “Give $20, Get $20”.
The explanation of the feature near the top of the email is concise, focuses on the value to price-conscious clients, and includes a clear call to action. And because most Uber users engage with the company through the mobile app rather than the website, they include the copy on how they can actually redeem the promo code.
Uber also provides a succinct description of the many perks of their uberPOOL program: members receive additional privileges and discounted flat-rate fares if they join during the specified month. These concepts can be grasped by email skimmers in a matter of seconds.
The email's layout also adheres to Uber's brand requirements, with visually appealing patterns, images, and fonts that make it easier to read.
The Hustle’s Copy
The Hustle is a daily email that provides amusing and instructive business and technology news. They go beyond the surface of a headline to deliver a deep dive on trending subjects with a twist, providing readers with insight into the most intriguing stories to discuss over the water cooler.
The Hustle devotes all of its resources to The Daily – a curated summary of the most significant news for professionals sent every morning M-F – and The Sunday Story – in-depth profiles of company founders, case studies, and fascinating trends you should be aware of. Their primary call to action is "Share the Hustle", which links to source content rather than their homepage. Their newsletter is entirely geared toward providing value. With over 1 million subscribers annually generating over $10 million, it is a profitable plan.

In conclusion

Email marketing ultimately boils down to personalisation and authenticity. There are a variety of tools and software available for tagging and monitoring subscriber behavior on your website, allowing you to more precisely target your emails and eventually produce more sales.
If you are looking for one yourself and can’t just find the right match with your business, then we present you - Markeaze! A universal email tool for delivering quality and impactful campaign with no boundaries. Build an email with zero coding, automate your audience segmentation, and review all essential email metrics (OR, CTR, etc.)

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