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Email communication plan in a nutshell

4 min read
by Alena Parfisenko
More than half of email recipients have reported that the number of emails from one organization can be too overwhelming, thus completely ignored, as of 2018. That is due to the incorrect and mishandled email communication plan that a lot of departments may be involved in. So how can you implement such a plan with a minimum amount of risks?

Did you encounter this issue?

Whenever a fashion organization is planning some kind of activity, they require a strict and straightforward communication plan between their firm and the main audience. And as a marketer, you should always take a good look at your audience and analyze how you can communicate between the two.
However, as it always happens there can be situations when the agreed plan can eventually change or it is just hard to stand out amongst competitors. Furthermore, if your organization has started for the very first time and you are a novice in email marketing, the chance is: that you probably have no system for tracking automated emails. How can you overcome this?
The answer lies inside the correct email marketing coordination and communication strategy for all involved people.

What is an email communication plan?

Email communication plan or strategy is the planning of email campaigns and email conversations. You will identify their goals, objectives, communication channels, and frequencies using the email communication plan.
Its objective is to provide a framework for communicating marketing messages, such as product launches, internal communications, and during times of crisis and emergency.
Numerous businesses use communication plans to determine how they will communicate with one another while employees work from home. They have utilized the plan to determine which messages, channels, and technologies will be used to accomplish this.

Main criteria to follow in an email communication plan

Email is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to poor communication in the workplace. That makes it an excellent place to start in your efforts to improve! Start shaping your email communication plan with these essential milestones in mind.

Set up the holiday offers according to your country

One of the most essential approaches to prevent any unforeseen changes or to avoid any spontaneous sales is to prepare them for them ahead of time. The first thing you should do is - create a calendar with all the possible holidays that your country has. That will demonstrate how much workload you will have during a certain marketing period and you can automate this email sequence, as long as you know when are the special holidays.

Promotional Sales


Special deals are emails created for specific segments of the target audience. It is an essential part of compelling offers. You don't want to show the discount to someone who bought the item for the total price or send dresses to men.


Limited time offers are generally an excellent method to play on the feeling of fear of your target audience. When you combine a beneficial deal with a time constraint, you have a perfect formula for FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and a sense of urgency to make a purchase.


If your brand has a planned sale, you can email your subscribers to notify them about this occasion. Your subscribers already showed an interest in your brand by signing up for your email list. Thus, promoting your upcoming sales is the right way to convert them.

Scheduled Sales

Every now and then, the fashion CEO or the fashion brand manager takes an opportunity to announce a specific scheduled product sale. This custom information varies from one company to another, and as an email marketer, you should be among one of the first ones to understand when, why, and how the scheduled sale is going to occur.

A new fashion season sales

Keep in mind that every quarter of the year, fashion companies love to announce their new fashion season sales. Typically, it occurs either at the end of the old season or at the start of the new one. Thus, be sure to schedule a few seasonal emails with special promos for your dedicated customers!

In conclusion

All in all, as an email marketer, you have to understand how you should know how to communicate with your primary audience properly. Prepare your message according to the newsletter aim and keep things straight with your subscribers.
To accomplish each point illustrated above, you should test how impactful your emails are, and the best tool you can use is Markeaze. Easily segregate and manage your audience into individual segments to achieve better reach while choosing the correct email from our 100+ pre-made email collection.

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