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4 ways to stand out your promotional emails

3 min read
by Alena Parfisenko
Most promotional emails go straight into the Trash, Spam, or Promotions tabs without being opened. However, 59% of Ecommerce marketers still state that email marketing is one of the most effective revenue generation channels. So how exactly can marketers say, and how do their promotional emails work? While working with Fashion brands, we've identified four major approaches that help our clients get better results with promotional emails.

Do you recognize this situation?

Imagine you are currently composing your new promotional email to notify your users about exclusive offers to increase the number of repeated purchases. You know what kind of offers you should include, and you are aware of when you will be sending them to your users.
However, when you re-read it, you understand that your email would bore anyone to death, as it is too “common.” Moreover, when you compare it with the one your competitor wrote, you see more value in it compared to yours. So what’s the catch, and how can you change that?
The answer is simple: be creative for your subscribers and abolish standard approaches.

Segmentation brings profit

Segmenting your email lists speaks more directly to your subscribers. Since most of the promotions are run on a specific schedule or the call of the brand manager, you should divide your audience according to various criteria.

4 Simple Segmentation Criteria

Website behavior

This is the most essential segmentation criteria that should be present in any email marketing department. Be sure to always catch up to any action that your users are performing. For example, determine how many times a person visited your website site and when he has visited it, the web pages he was looking at, and the initial source of traffic (social networks, advertisements, organic, etc).

User loyalty

If you often notice that a group of particular customers has purchased either a small or a large number of products, you can also segment them. Suppose some customers purchased products from your website. If a user made more than 3 purchases, they can be considered a loyal customer. Thus, you suggest new collections and not discounts. If a user ordered 1 to 2 items, in the last from 30 to 90 days, consider offering them products on sale. Otherwise, if a user ordered only 1 or no products at all for the past 90 days, offer a discount on the next purchase or the most discounted products.

Product categories

Determining what kind of products a particular group of customers purchase more frequently, maybe an ideal segmentation strategy. If you were to send a promotional email with a new dress to those people who frequently buy them, the chances that they will purchase a new product again are pretty high.

Furthermore, try to send emails with additional items according to the category your user has made a purchase. For example, if he bought swimwear - send a selection of flip-flops or summer bags. That move will increase the average income and repeat the cycle of purchase.

Email Engagement

Open rate and CTR (Click-through rate) are essential in tracking your email users' activity. If the subscriber is inactive, you can send them engagement offers. If the user is active – provide a discount on the things they left in the cart or added to favorites. This method works perfectly with personalization.

Personalization approach

Almost every single email that is sent from an online store, may seem like a copy-paste from a similar E-Commerce shop. Don’t go with that, since everyone likes to be addressed individually and feel special, even if it's just a mention of the user's name in the email. Thinking of your subscribers and customers makes your brand stand out while gaining more trust.
Personalization is a proven way to increase your Open and Click-Through Rates. Rich Relevance studies have shown that revenue is 5.7 times higher in emails that employ personalization. Personalize your emails to deliver a unique customer experience based on the names, favorite categories, bonus programs, or criteria. Here’s how Uniqlo, a fashion company addressed their customers during a rainy session.

Make a storytelling email campaign

One of the creative and original methods to approach your customers via an email campaign is to produce a storytelling email campaign. We use stories to convey feelings, and teach lessons. When attempting to persuade readers that a product needs their immediate attention, telling an engaging story about it is the most effective method.
The story can be pretty much anything you like or even based on a real-life story. Typically, email marketers stick to the traditional approach: a story of how a customer encountered a problem, identified your product as a potential solution, selected it, and discovered, to their delight, that it performed beyond their expectations. For example, this is how Uniqlo shares the story of how they help the environment by designing clothes from recycled materials:

Analytic-driven strategy

Analyze the performance of your emails to learn and improve your future campaigns. By understanding which day and what time you should send an email during the week, you will certainly improve not only the metrics but an understanding of when the email ER is at its peak.
That is why we collected analytics and Fashion Industry benchmarks to help you track all the essential metrics and find the bottlenecks. By measuring and analyzing email KPIs, such as the Open rate or Unsubscribe rate, you can develop improvement areas to adjust your overall strategy.
Actionable insights from our analytics report will empower your work plans and show the way towards boosting your marketing efforts.


All in all, these principles are the foundation layer of any successful promotional email campaign. Segmentation allows you to address each customer individually. Mobile adaptability reaches a vast portion of your potential customers. While the analytics that you track, provide an opportunity to improve your following newsletters.
You can try Markeaze - our email solution tested by numerous fashion small and medium business entrepreneurs, to achieve all three goals simultaneously. With zero code knowledge, create stunning emails from templates!

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