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How to create promotional emails that work?

4 min read
by Alena Parfisenko
Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to stay in touch with your audience. It brings the highest ROI compared to the other marketing channels, especially with the help of promotional emails. But you are not the only one who knows about it among fashion brands. You must know the secrets of the perfectly composed promotional email that will generate company revenue while improving your competency.

Have you stumbled upon this case?

A few days ago, one of our fashion partners decided to compose a few promotional emails due to the upcoming summer sale. They received a direct list of discounter products from the brand manager and started to write a letter in Markeaze.
After finishing, they decided to check things out on their competitors and see how they handle email promotions. After a couple of minutes of reading, they understood - their emails were screwed. The entire email is too plain and boring. It looks like a robot-generated message, and worst of all, it doesn’t have any value to the customers. How did they fix all of that?
Our partner analyzed competitors and found a couple of solid opportunities that we want to share with you step-by-step.

What is a promotional email?

A promotional email is a marketing email addressed to your audience with information about seasonal sales, new collections, limited-time offers, or exclusive deals. The goal of a promotional email is to increase the number of purchases by:
  • Returning existing customers to the website;
  • Converting users to customers;
  • Encouraging customers to take some action.

3 Types of promotional emails

Special deals

Special deals are emails created for specific segments of the target audience. It is an essential part of compelling offers. You don't want to show the discount to someone who bought the item for the total price or send dresses to men.
For example, if you are a fashion brand that designs for both men and women, you might want to segment men’s fashion emails from females. Brands that produce children’s clothes could target people who have bought those products or indicated that they have kids.
Track your customers' behavior to see if they follow through with their purchases. Each email is usually sent to customers shortly after they leave the online store to finish their purchase. It is essential to include a discount to push them into making the final decision.
You can also make your audience feel like they are part of the VIP club, which can strongly affect your total profit. Try to use personalized email members-only or friends & family promos to please your subscribers and convert them to customers.

Limited-Time Offer

Limited time offers are generally an excellent method to play on the feeling of fear of your target audience. When you combine a beneficial deal with a time constraint, you have a perfect formula for FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and a sense of urgency to make a purchase.
Consider increasing the offer's value with more significant discounts, shipping promos, or “buy one get one” options. You can extend or reduce the timeframe of your offer. You can also add the time down counter in your email to give it a more realistic feeling. Short timeframes create FOMO, while longer timeframes may allow you to make more sales over a more extended period.

General Sales Promotion

If your brand has a seasonal, holiday, or any other planned sale, you can email your subscribers to notify them about this occasion. Your subscribers already showed an interest in your brand by signing up for your email list. Thus, promoting your upcoming sales is the right way to convert them.
Capture your audience's attention by mentioning the discount in the subject line and highlighting that the sale is happening now. Don't forget to add relevant products or gifts to increase conversion. Or you can give your subscribers a kick-starting point to surf your website and add items they like to the cart.

Useful Tips for Your Promotional Email

Focus on the Single Message

The body of the promotional email should clearly state why the promotion is valuable and how to receive it. Stick to a single message and guide your subscribers to the CTA.

Personalize the Subject Line

People are more likely to open emails with personalized subjects. Users are bored with general headlines and the exact pickup phrases. So rather than sending out mass emails, marketers should include customers’ data, at the very least, their names.

Try to send from a person

The "from" field can significantly impact whether your promotional emails get opened, disregarded, or sent to the trash bin. Instead of using your company name, use the appropriate name of the corresponding employee and their role to add a more personal touch. People like to read emails from other humans, but ensure to test them as preferences may vary from audience to audience.

How to Measure Effectiveness?

Every marketer needs to measure their efforts' effectiveness to find the current strategy's weak points. Here are the core metrics to track for the promotional emails:

Open Rate

Open Rate stands for the percentage of subscribers who open an email. It shows how engaged subscribers are and the effectiveness of the subject lines. According to Constant Contact, the average Open Rate for all industries is 30.35% as of 2022.

Click-Through Rate

CTR or Click-Through Rate measures how many people clicked on the links embedded in your email. The average CTR percentage for all industries is 1,11% as of 2022.

Conversion Rate

The Conversion Rate shows how many people clicked on the link and completed a specific action. For example, if you included a link for an X-mas sale, the Conversion Rate would tell you what percentage of the people who clicked the link made a purchase. Usually, you can find these core metrics in the email campaign statistics.

How to Measure Effectiveness?

Personalization in the promotional email composition is a mandatory factor for your customers: be it a subject line or senders details. Address your audience according to the correct type of promotional emails and track your results to understand how you can improve your next ones.
To do all of that, you can try Markeaze - a flexible email solution filled with dozen pre-built templates, an analytical dashboard, and a zero-code environment. All free with no charge required!

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