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How to amaze your audience with hot fashion blog posts via email?

In 2021, 73% of companies that spent 10% to 70% of their total marketing budget on content marketing were very successful. That was partly successful since most were constantly highlighting new content via email marketing. Ergo, there is a question - how can you ensure that your blog post announcements will be noticed? Core suggestions can be found below.

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There was a compelling case with one of the Markeaze main partners that has been heavily spending time and investing money into their content marketing strategies. Before contacting them, their marketer made email announcements about new and exciting blog publications. They wanted to improve brand awareness and increase the number of potential clients.
However, as they began to implement this theoretical strategy, in reality, they realized that they lacked email automation for every new publication. More than that, the content plan was dynamically changing, making it difficult to synchronize with future emails. On top of that, each email looked like a similar clone. That was disastrous.
Here is what they have implemented as of right now.

What articles should you plan in your blog calendar?

Typically, when it comes to developing and sharing your articles on your company blog, you can use a few opportunities and ideas. However, you should also carefully consider the topics you should focus on while maintaining your blog strategy. Here are some of the core content directions that you can take on.
Highlight the most recent fashion news/shows
Being on the same wavelength with your subscribers and covering the most recent fashion news is one of the best ways to engage your readers. Cover all modern fashion shows that you attend online and offline. Draft the most essential aspects and illustrate them in your blog post.
Illustrate modern fashion trends
A relatively simple topic that you can take is the most recent fashion trends that vary for different clothes. That way, you can cover almost all segmented users and pickle their interests.
Cover popular fashion topics with audio podcasts
A brand-new strategy for all successful fashion blog articles has been the implementation of audio podcasts inside the papers. It may serve as a small tripwire that will provide unique insight and information about exciting fashion trends. For example, suppose you are writing an article about “Top 10 biggest fashion companies”. In that case, you can make a relatively medium podcast with a fashion expert to describe how impactful these companies are or what fashion direction they have created.

How can you correctly announce your new content?

One of the impactful ways to do so is via email marketing. However, you do not want an email to sound like a boring newspaper article you receive in the early morning. Instead, follow the following guidelines to set up the correct approach for the email announcements.
Use email automation principles
No one likes to send emails manually, especially if there is any possible delay on your way. Set the correct deadline and automatically schedule your newsletter according to how frequently you post your blog articles. For example, if you are a fashion brand company and constantly highlight all modern fashion shows, you should send such newsletters every quarter. If you also want to highlight the “Big 4” event that occurs twice a year, you can schedule some emails for that occasion.
Build your perfect editorial calendar
To synchronize the emails, you want to send out and the blog articles you want to include, we highly recommend creating an editorial calendar. Not only will it allow you to organize your blog article development correctly, but you can also track down which articles you have already mentioned. Create a clear and coherent message that resonates in the blog articles and your emails to focus a potential client's attention.
Tell your readers a story about your products
In email marketing, storytelling replaces conventional offers and punchlines with a narrative. The story can be delivered in one long email or as a drip campaign, chapter by chapter, similar to a book.
It improves the reader's perception of the message, as well as the appearance of the email. Storytelling marketing stimulates the imagination, stirs emotions, and creates a desire to find out what happens in the end – and the ending is always cheerful.
For example, you can make a prequel to your article, describing how you encountered a Zara fashion expert and had a fruitful conversation with them. And to see what exactly he had stated on a specific topic, you will invite your audience to read a new article in your blog.


Email announcements are a fantastic approach to highlighting new blog articles that you can implement to spread the word about your blog articles. The most important aspect - is always to understand what approach you can take to interest your audience.
The easiest way to automate and create unique email announcements is via Markeaze - an all-in-one email marketing solution. Build emails in seconds, segment your audience according to their preferences, and schedule your email newsletters. Best of all - it’s free!

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