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Succeed in creating a subscriber list in 4 key strategies

5 min read
by Alena Parfisenko
The predicted growth of the worldwide email marketing market to $17.9 billion by 2027 proves that email marketing is still effective. Even though email is one of the oldest digital message platforms, 87% of B2B marketers continue to utilize it. It is trustworthy and efficient for acquiring, nurturing, and converting leads. To achieve the best results, though, you need an email subscriber list. Starting an email list from scratch may be intimidating. Therefore, we compiled guidelines to facilitate the procedure.

The situation

As a new fashion brand email marketer, you enter a fresh market with many opportunities. After interacting with your potential customers through emails, you want to collect all of the necessary information to interact with them more proficiently.
However, when you try to do that, you notice that you don’t really have enough time to study or test the various channels for attracting new subscribers. Furthermore, you understand that you may not have complete data on all of your customers and something may be missing. To top it off, your current company may not have the tools to work with lists of subscribers.
Thus, you need a firm foundation to kick off from point zero to understanding how subscriber lists can be assembled.

Why is list building so essential?

There are several reasons why you should create your subscriber list. Here are the most essential ones:
The subscriber list acts as a foundation for all other marketing activities;
Get to know your audience at a deeper, more personal level (especially if you encourage replies);
Develop segments to create personalized products, content, and messaging tailored to their needs;
Target a narrower group who already showed interest in your brand and have a higher chance of convert.

User attributes to collect

User’s full name – the full name of your subscriber is essential when it comes to the personalization of your emails.
Gender – cince you may be a fashion store, you need to segment your audience by gender.
Top & Bottom Size – once again, for a fashion online store it is crucial to understand what kind of cloth size a person has.
Favorite color – an attribute that can significantly impact the personalized email offers that you are going to send.
Country – if you know from what country your users have come from, you may offer relevant products or offers in the right time zone.
Email address – an essential part of your user list, as you’ll be contacting your customers through an email address.
Subscription date – by segmenting your subscribers with the date, you can send out special deals or offers.

4 strategies to implement for your fashion brand

1. Include subscription forms on your website
Ensure that while your customers are browsing your website, they can sign up for your newsletters without making a purchase. Remember that prospects can become customers over time if you find a way to stick in their minds. This can be accomplished by providing a "subscribe to our newsletter" form where prospects can submit their email addresses to receive your emails. To maximize the number of subscriptions, ensure that this "call to action" is visible on every page by placing it in the header or footer of your website. You could also include a link to subscribe in the signature line of your email, allowing your current customers and regular contacts to request your newsletter.
2. Request that customers sign up when making a purchase
When a customer makes an online purchase, they have already demonstrated an interest in your product, making them a prime candidate for future purchases. Offer a button that gives you permission to send email communications during the checkout process. Put this in a highly visible location so that they can take advantage of this opportunity. Also, assure them that you will never send them unsolicited emails.
One of the classic fashion sign up form examples is coming from Allbirds. At the bottom of the company's homepage is a sign-up form asking whether you want "first dibs."
There are no discounts or free shipping available. The only benefit of joining Allbirds's email list is learning about new limited-edition products and other entertaining information before anybody else.
To help you commit more easily, Allbirds reminds you that you can unsubscribe at any moment. Follow Allbirds's example if you want a basic signup form that will remain in your website's footer all year.
3. Offer free products/gifts
Nothing gets folks' attention like free stuff. Offer free content, such as white papers, checklists, and guides, to encourage individuals to sign up. Just ensure that whatever you offer is of the highest quality. Remember that the quality of the content you provide is a reflection of your business, and you want to make a great first impression!
One of the fashion online stores, Kapten & Son for example, displays various offers on their main page. However, after allowing you some browsing time, the business displays this email popup in the midst of the page:
The form is basic and unambiguous. It comprises of a picture, two input fields, and a discount code promise. But there's more. By adding two little radio buttons to this form, Kapten & Son classifies its new subscribers according to gender. It's a tremendously easy question to respond to thanks to radio buttons.
4. Provide an exclusive offer or opportunity
Offer a sale exclusively to subscribers. It could be a 10 percent discount, the first look at a new product, or the opportunity to purchase a product before regular customers. Remember that people are always drawn to two things: discounts and membership in an exclusive fashion collection group. Combining the two can be a powerful inducement for people to join your mailing list.

In the end

The subscriber list is a powerful and essential element of every marketing campaign. Without it, you won’t be able to create new marketing campaigns or proceed with any relevant marketing activities. Obviously, to kick off you need an automotive email solution.
You can try Markeaze - our email solution tested by numerous fashion small and medium business entrepreneurs, to achieve all three goals simultaneously. With zero code knowledge, create stunning emails from templates and track their performance immediately after you send them out!

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