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Email Templates with Interactive Games

Looking for new ways of engaging your audience? Lift your email campaign’s CTR on 30% with our interactive AMP game templates and turn your subscribers into fans.
    Why Choose Markeaze Email Templates?
    Spin for prizes and rewards in this interactive game of chance.
    Dark Mode Compatibility
    Optimized, clean code ensures fast loading times and easy customization.
    Clear Code
    Our templates are fully responsive, guaranteeing perfect display on both mobile and desktop devices
    Responsive Design
    Choose from over 100 templates, tailored for various industries and occasions.
    Extensive Template Library
    Add interactive elements with ease using our AMP-compatible blocks.
    Interactive AMP Blocks
    Our templates are tested to work seamlessly with Outlook and other major email clients.
    Outlook Compatibility
    No need to switch platforms. Easily export any template to Mailchimp, Sendgrid, Klaviyo, Unisender, and more.
    Export to Your ESP
    Order a custom template
    Need something unique?
    Benefits of Using Markeaze Email Templates
    Spin for prizes and rewards in this interactive game of chance.
    Easily tailor templates to match your brand’s look and feel.
    Interactive elements and responsive design lead to higher engagement rates.
    Enhanced Engagement
    High-quality designs ensure your emails stand out in crowded inboxes.
    Professional Appeal

    Gamify your emails

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    Why use Interactive AMP Games in emails?
    Using templates of Interactive AMP Games for Business Interactive AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) games templates to your email offer a lot of benefits for business who want to improve their email marketing campaigns. Some of the main benefits are:
    Due to the interactive nature, the AMP games catch the recipient's eye and rouse enough interest that they take the extra step to click through from the email.
    Campaigns Suitable for AMP Games
    A retail brand can use a spin-the-wheel game with discounts on different products
    Why It Works: Recipients are invited to take part in a game that engages them, increasing the likelihood of a sale. A discount results in immediate gratification as well as increased engagement, getting user more interested in the product. You might also offer them a unique link and a one time only special promo code or bonus gift to take action at the end of the game.
    Best Practices When Building Email Templates with AMP Games
    Building AMP games email templates successfully, you need to be careful in planning and execution. Here are some suggestions:
    Game focus should match the content of the campaign, even if it is not the same, the game should carry the campaign's message; For instance, if the purpose of a game is to promote a new product, the product's features and benefits should be highlighted.

    Why It Matters: A campaigning without a center of gravity can make the game feel unfocused. Keeping it aligned makes the message clear and powerful.
    Supported Email Systems for AMP Quizzes
    Several email systems support AMP quizzes, including:
    Ideas for Titles and Preheaders for Emails with AMP Games
    Sales Campaigns
    • Title: "Spin the Wheel for Exclusive Discounts!"
    • Preheader: "Play now to reveal your special offer."
    Product Launch:
    • Title: "Unveil Our New Gadget with a Fun Puzzle Game!"
    • Preheader: "Solve the puzzle to discover groundbreaking features."
    User Reactivation
    • Title: "Take Our Trivia Challenge and Win Back Your Subscription!"
    • Preheader: "Show off your knowledge and get rewarded."
    Seasonal Promotions:
    • Title: "Join Our Holiday Treasure Hunt!"
    • Preheader: "Find the hidden treasures and enjoy holiday discounts."
    Reward Ideas for Winners or Participants
    Discount Coupons
    Offer percentage or fixed amount discounts.
    Example: "Save 20% on your next purchase!"
    Free Trials or Samples
    Provide a trial period for services or free samples of products.
    Example: "Enjoy a 1-month free trial of our premium service!"
    Exclusive Content
    Access to special content such as eBooks, webinars, or videos.
    Example: "Unlock our exclusive eBook on the latest industry trends."
    Loyalty Points
    Add points to the customer’s loyalty account.
    Example: "Earn 500 loyalty points for playing!"
    Limited Edition Merchandise
    Offer exclusive merchandise that can't be bought elsewhere.
    Example: "Get our limited edition T-shirt by completing the game!"
    Early Access
    Provide early access to new products or services.
    Example: "Be the first to try our new feature!"
    VIP Event Invitations
    Invite winners to exclusive events.
    Example: "Join our VIP event and meet the team!"
    Gift Cards
    Offer gift cards as prizes.
    Example: "Win a $50 gift card to your favorite store!"
    Incorporating interactive AMP games into email templates can significantly enhance your email marketing campaigns by boosting engagement, click-through rates, and conversions. By carefully designing these games to align with your campaign goals and ensuring technical compatibility, you can provide a memorable and rewarding experience for your audience. Explore different campaign ideas and rewards to keep your emails fresh and exciting, and watch as your email metrics soar.