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4 ways to stand out your promotional emails

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Today, the average customer can receive more than 15 promotional emails every day from the various brands they’ve interacted with, even if briefly.
Most of the promotional emails suck and go right in the Trash box without being opened. This is a sad truth which, by the way, opens new opportunities to thoughtful marketers such as our readers.
While working with Fashion brands we've identified which Markeaze tools help our clients get better results with promotional emails. Each of those is pretty much easy to try out with your upcoming promotional campaign

Segmentation brings profit

Segmenting your email lists speaks more directly and intelligently to your subscribers.
With Markeaze, you can break up your contact list into unlimited segments based on any criteria. Take the easy road and choose one of the basic criteria for automated segmentation such as age, location, or gender.
Or you can go deeper and upload your data and create tailor-made complex segments that will include custom attributes such as color preferences, style, or money spent on clothes in your online store. The smaller the group or segment, the bigger the range of possible campaign outcomes.

3 Simple Segmentation Criteria

Demographic data

One of the basic ways you can segment your list is to do it by demographic data: gender, age, location, income level, company position.

Previous purchase

You can start by sending recommendations for similar purchases these users have made. If someone has purchased a beautiful dress from your website, you can offer a discount on complemented items such as shoes, accessories by sending an email to the same user suggesting buying things to complete the look.

Email engagement

Main thing you should pay attention to is the metrics. Open rare and CTR (Click-through rate) play an important role in activity designation. If the subscriber is inactive, you can try to drive him with re-engaging offers. If the user is active – provide a discount to the things he or she left in the cart or added to favourites. This tool perfectly works with the one described below – personalization.

Personal touch is Key

Everyone likes to be treated in a specific way and feel special. Even if it's just a mention of the user's name in the email or a discount for his or her birthday. Thinking of your subscribers and customers makes your brand stand out and be trustworthy.
Moreover, personalization is a proven way to increase your open and click-through rates. Studies have shown that revenue is 5.7 times higher in emails that employ personalization.
Markeaze supports any kind of custom attribute and helps to tailor your emails to each user or segment, optimized for maximum performance. Personalize your emails to deliver a unique customer experience based on the names, favorite categories, bonus program, and any criteria you can think about. Connect your personalization with segmentation or use it as a separate tool.

Time of Mobile-First Emails

Imagine sending an email with an amazing design and brilliant copy. You are proud of it...until the very moment when you open it on your smartphone. The images and fonts are broken, the message seems unclear, and your subscribers won't interact. This issue can dramatically affect your monthly results and the overall success of your email campaign.
To prevent this, we were the first to add a mobile-first layout to make your emails look great on any device. Most recent statistics show that 62% of email campaigns are being opened on smartphones and tablets- compared to 10% on desktop.
Markeaze gives you a competitive advantage and helps to deliver your messages to every subscriber-no matter which device they use. That means no more broken layouts and conversion losses!

Analytic-driven strategy

You should analyze the performance of your email to learn and improve your future campaigns. Yes, we know that tracking all your email analytics can often be a real challenge.
That is why we collect analytics and Fashion Industry benchmarks to help you track all the essential metrics and find the bottlenecks. By measuring and analyzing email KPIs, such as the open rate or unsubscribe rate, you can develop patterns of success or areas of improvement so you can adjust your overall strategy.
Actionable insights from our analytics report will empower your work plans and show the way towards boosting your marketing efforts

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