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Valentine's Day Emails:
Best Ideas to Woo Your Customers

Valentine's Day isn't just a day for expressing love and affection towards one another. But also a fantastic opportunity for businesses to deepen their connection with customers. By creating interesting and heartfelt Valentine's Day email campaigns, you can significantly increase customer engagement, loyalty, and sales.
We will dive into a variety of Valentine's email ideas. From engaging subject lines to content and special offers. Prepare to capture the hearts of your audience.

Captivating Subject & Preheader Lines

The success of your email campaign begins with a nice subject line. Here are additional ideas to spark interest:
Subject: "Unlock a Heartfelt Surprise This Valentine's Day ????"
Preheader: "Your exclusive love token awaits inside."
Subject: "Sweet Deals for Your Sweetheart ????"
Preheader: "Dive into our Valentine's special offers and find the perfect gift."
Subject: "Cupid Called – He Left Something for You! ????"
Preheader: "Claim your Valentine's Day gift before it flies away."
Subject: "Spread the Love with Our Valentine's Specials ❤️"
Preheader: "Exclusive discounts and gifts just for you and yours."
Subject: "Feeling Lucky in Love? ????".
Preheader: "Win big with our Valentine's Day giveaway. Enter now!"
Subject: "A Token of Love from Us to You ✨".
Preheader: "Happy Valentine's Day with special gifts for you."
Subject: "Countdown to Valentine's: Unwrap a Daily Surprise ????".
Preheader: "Get ready for love with a new deal every day until Valentine's."
These subject lines aim to intrigue and entice subscribers to open the email, setting the stage for what's to come.

Content Ideas That Engage and Delight

The content of your Valentine's Day email should resonate with the theme of love and appreciation. Here are more ideas to ensure your message stands out:
St.Valentines Day Email Template by Markeaze

Showcase Customer Love Stories

Add real stories from loyal customers who found love through your services or products. Adding a personal touch always resonates with readers and makes your valentine's email more intimate. And might inspire them to use your product or app more ????

DIY Love-themed Projects, Recipes or Products

Offer content that helps customers engage in the Valentine's spirit. For example, DIY craft projects, love-themed recipes, or cocktail mixes, especially if they complement your products. Add product collections that can benefit ladies during their dates or gift collections to make romantic email promotions. Help people choose best products via Valentine's collections.
Valentine’s Day sale of Fitbit
Valentine’s Day Email by Markeaze

"Why We Love You" Message

A heartfelt message from your team expressing appreciation for your customers can melt people's hearts. Especially, if you add some nice discount or special offer to them. Here are some ideas, what you can write:
  • Describe how feedback from customers improved your processes and products and how. Tell, that you love to communicate with buyers and always impressed by their ideas.
  • Write a simple text that your company is what it is now because of customers, their opinion and feedback. Sweeten up email with a nice gift card.
  • Tell a cute story from your company about interaction with your customers and how it changed you and filled the team with love.

Loft email by Amanda Kogan

Valentine’s Day Tips and Tricks

Provide useful content like date night ideas, gift wrapping tips, or how to express love in different languages. This will add more value beyond just selling products.

Valentine's Day Email Templates by QeInbox

Offers and Promotions

Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion to show love through special offers and increase through marketing customer engagement:
  • Buy One, Get One Free (BOGO): Ideal for encouraging customers to treat themselves and a loved one and promote Valentine's Day sales.
  • Early Bird Discounts: Reward customers for planning ahead with early access to Valentine's sales.
  • Exclusive Members-Only Offers: Make your subscribers feel special with deals just for them.
  • Gift Wrapping Options: Offer nice gift wrapping for Valentine’s Day purchases to simplify gift-giving.
  • Email Picture Ideas: Incorporate visuals like love letters in your email design. Romantic scenes, or products adorned with hearts and flowers. Imagery featuring pairs of items can also suggest the idea of couples and partnership, enhancing the Valentine's theme.

Valentine's Day Email Templates in Light & Dark Mode by Markeaze

More Valentine's Day Email Campaign Examples

To further engage customers with your Valentine's Day email efforts, consider these creative examples:
  • For travel agencies. Send emails featuring romantic getaway packages with a subject line, "Escape with Your Valentine: Romantic Getaways Inside!". In email you can include short weekend trips or a few hour excursions to winery.
  • For fitness brands. Encourage self-love with an email focused on wellness and self-care. The title can be: "Love Yourself This Valentine's Day: Special Wellness Offers!". Include nice collection of clothes or accessories.
  • For book stores. Curate a list of love stories and romantic novels with the message, "Fall in Love with a Good Book This Valentine's Day."
  • For pet stores. A pet store creates a campaign titled "Show Love to Your Furry Friends," featuring special discounts on pet toys and treats.
  • For tech companies. Offer a "Tech Love" promotion, suggesting gadgets as the perfect Valentine's gift. You can use the subject line like "Make Their Heart Skip a Beat with the Latest Tech!"
  • For Saas Services. Highlight features of your SaaS product that users love or that can help them streamline their work in time for a relaxing Valentine's Day. Offer a Valentine's special discount or free trial extension for new sign-ups. Include reviews from customers to build trust and show the benefits of your service.
  • For marketing agencies. Share client success stories, especially those about love, to showcase great campaign results. Provide tips on how businesses can use Valentine's Day for their marketing. This will demonstrate your expertise.
  • For online clothing stores. Send a collection of outfits perfect for a romantic evening out or a cozy night in. Include a mix of reds and pinks, as well as heart-patterned accessories. Offer a special discount code for Valentine's-themed items and suggest complete looks to inspire your customers.
Love email from printed
Valentine's tips from Markeaze

Valentine's Day Email Checklist Before Sending

  • Check for dark mode view and responsiveness. Even a nice email can lose its effectiveness if it looks bad on mobile devices. Additionally, it can also lose its impact if it appears poorly in dark mode. Use tools like Markeaze to ensure and adjust your email so it looks perfect in any setting.
  • Verify the subject line and preheader text. It could be disappointing to have logo text pop up under the subject line.
  • Send a test email to yourself to make sure images load properly. Compress images before uploading for fast loading on any device, even with slow internet.
  • Check all links. Make sure that all links lead to their intended destinations and add UTM tags for tracking.


Valentine's Day emails build customer relationships and boost sales for your products and services. Create an email campaign for Valentine's Day that shows your customers how much you value and appreciate them. Use catchy subject lines, interesting content, and appealing offers. Let your creativity shine, and remember, the goal is to make your customers feel special and loved on this day of affection.

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